Macalan Boniec-Jedras

Macalan is involved with intaking and evaluating content from a range of artists/content creators. His goal is to bring artists and audiences together, to show both groups just how big of an impact they can and will have on one another. Greetings in the name of the Lord! What a blessing it is to serve […]

Content Creators: Sharing Your Heart

Why Become a Content Creator? As a child I was told that sharing is caring – but I’m sure that everybody has either heard this, or said this to someone at some point. It often gets glossed over as a truth that we take for granted, or we fail to see its importance. I’m so […]

Please Pray For the CIAM Mission Team

We are very thankful for the CIAM Mission team members who have been working very hard to develop the new, fully interactive, CIAM broadcast platform and community, The CHOICE. It has been a challenging yet rewarding journey exploring new technology, backend programming, web development and design. We are prayerfully and expectantly looking forward to the […]

Coming Soon! The CHOICE.FM

A New Broadcast Experience The CHOICE is an all new, online interactive broadcast experience! This new mission tool will allow for a deeper listener engagement, both in Music & Spoken Word, Artist & Speaker interaction, Storytelling, 1&1 Mentorship & Counselling opportunities, Circle groups and meaningful Conversation. Read on to learn more! Music Meet 24/7 Listener-generated […]

Vlog: 2022 CIAM Gathering in Kelowna

Check out Macalan’s vlog of the CIAM Conference in Kelowna Related stories: Celebrating 20 Years of God’s Faithfulness Content Creators: Sharing Your Heart Please Pray For the CIAM Mission Team 2022 at The Dove FM 107.5 2022 at Refresh FM 91.1 2022 at Sunrise Radio FM 92.5 & 107.5 Jumping into 2023 Coming Soon! The […]

Making of: The CHOICE x Artists

The CHOICE x Artists TheCHOICE.FM is going to be a new community-driven broadcast experience where listeners can be refreshed, inspired, and encouraged in any situation through music, word and conversation. One of the main ways we achieve this is through our Artists, by connecting them with listeners like you! On The CHOICE, content creators and […]
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CIAM Media New Missionaries: Macalan

It’s been a delight seeing how God has called new missionaries to CIAM. They come with diverse talents and gifts, and a passion to reach people through media missions and broadcasting. Please prayerfully consider coming alongside them as they are in the process of raising financial support to start their full-time missionary work with CIAM. […]