Sneak Peek into Mentorship 1&1

About 1&1 Mentorship Coming soon to CIAM is a new chapter in connecting with listeners. There are a great many listeners that would reach out if only they knew there was someone willing to listen and care for them, to walk alongside them in the journey of life for a time while in need. CIAM […]

New Opportunities

Melissa has been a part of the CIAM’s Edmonton team serving as a Designer. She has been involved with CIAM’s new online broadcast platform THE CHOICE from its conceptual stages, introducing My Story as a sharing platform and focusing on the User Interface of THE CHOICE website. Melissa has helped with branding at various CIAM’s […]

Communicating the Gospel in Design

Melissa & Rawlin: Using Creativity for God’s Glory In May 2015 we were invited to a CIAM retreat conference at Slave Lake, Alberta where we met the whole CIAM family and saw how God was using this community to reach Western Canada. Having been active in my previous church with print design, I volunteered to […]

Please Pray For the CIAM Mission Team

We are very thankful for the CIAM Mission team members who have been working very hard to develop the new, fully interactive, CIAM broadcast platform and community, The CHOICE. It has been a challenging yet rewarding journey exploring new technology, backend programming, web development and design. We are prayerfully and expectantly looking forward to the […]

He is Our Hope

Melissa & Rawlin: Sharing Our Heart of Gratitude Rawlin and I have been living in Edmonton for six years by God’s grace. We were thrilled to see the Northern Lights for the first time in October – that was something I wanted to see ever since I was a kid! We met the whole CIAM family […]