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Macalan is involved with intaking and evaluating content from a range of artists/content creators. His goal is to bring artists and audiences together, to show both groups just how big of an impact they can and will have on one another.

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

I have been serving with CIAM as the content creator lead for nearly a whole year, and it has truly been a transformative experience thus far. I have always had a heart for creating and sharing art, and understanding just what a profound difference it can make in someone’s life. Whether it be a song, a story, or a podcast, I believe that God can penetrate the hearts of many with just a few moments of listening and sharing. To be a small part of this process is a truly humbling experience, and one that I do not take lightly. 

I work with closely with content creators at CIAM. I intake content, listen, and discern the heart behind it. The content that lifts Jesus up, and is created to serve others is what I push to the front of our FM broadcast. This is not always an easy job and requires some team work, however as I get more experience, and become more exposed to the art that’s out there, God’s voice becomes clearer and clearer.

One of the main parts of my job is to care for the artists that create this content. Artists do what they do to change the world, to make a difference, to help others – the list can go on and on. My mission is to encourage them by showing them that to change the world, is to change a life. Not many lives, just one. One new believer, one new heart accepting Jesus as Lord is a resounding success in heaven, as it should be here on earth. To take this a step further I want that relationship to be recognized by both artists and their audience. I want everybody to know that God is using them, even if it feels like He is not.

I have had the opportunity to be a part of some truly amazing things here at CIAM. Enriching our FM broadcasts with new music, facilitating artist relationships, connecting with christian music labels and promoters, and more. All of this with the goal of sharing Jesus, and encouraging those who do. If you would like to hear more about the details of what I do, please consider following me by clicking “Follow Our Story” below. Please hold Erin and I in prayer as we continue to serve the Lord in this way. Some specific thing you can pray for are:

  • Continued interest from people to come alongside us in prayer
  • For volunteers to help evaluate music for our FM broadcast
  • For financial support of CIAM, and financial support for Erin and I

So far the Lord has provided as He promised He would, and we are so grateful for everyone who supports us. 

With love from Him through me to you,

New Missionaries Macalan Boniec

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