Macalan Boniec-Jedras

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Macalan is involved with intaking and evaluating content from a range of artists/content creators. His goal is to bring artists and audiences together, to show both groups just how big of an impact they can and will have on one another.

Macalan and Erin’s faith journey

God brought us together at university in 2016, and we have been married to one another since October 7, 2018. We are musicians who are passionate about sharing Jesus with others. Currently, we live in Sherwood Park and attend Bethel Lutheran Church, where we often play in the worship band.

We are so excited to be entering into this new stage of our lives. Throughout the past year, God has been preparing our hearts for the mission field. Seeing what CIAM does in the communities it reaches is uplifting and encouraging to us, and we know firsthand the power of music. We look forward to seeing what God will show us and how He will work through us in the coming years, as we pray for ears that can hear – not just for us, but for all God’s children. His Word is our strength, and the greatest blessing of all is the opportunity to share it with others.

New Missionaries Macalan Boniec

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