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Macalan is involved with intaking and evaluating content from a range of artists/content creators. His goal is to bring artists and audiences together, to show both groups just how big of an impact they can and will have on one another.

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

What a blessing it is to serve our Lord. Erin and I are so very thankful to God for all He has, and continues to do in our lives. As the year nears its close I wanted to share a bit about the past few months, and what the support we get through prayers, relationships, and finances enable us to do.

Video Shoots

Early in September we worked on producing the Speaker video for The Choice. The Goal was to not just highlight some of our partnered spoken word creators, but encourage others to participate either by listening to, interacting with, or creating content themselves. Working with Ben is always a pleasure and we had an opportunity to spend time with a few podcasters and speakers and show care for the content they provide, and the people they are.

Christmas Music

The preparation for Christmas starts early for our FM broadcasts. It has been a great year for Christmas music, and I am happy to announce that many more Christmas songs have been added to the rotation this year and hope our listeners appreciate it like I do. It always encourages me how artists can take a story that has been told for over 2000 years, and still find a way to make it new and glorious.

Personal Journey

Erin and I are continually seeking God in our marriage. It is a prayer I hold for all married couples, that they may be unified together through a closeness to God. We still enjoy making music, and serving the church as worship leaders. I would also like to shine some light on “Friendship Group”, a special church experience that Erin and I help provide for a Robinhood home in our community. This Robinhood Home is for adults with disabilities, most of the residents are non verbal, and have unique communication styles. I bring a guitar, and Erin brings her voice, and we minister to them with song.

This is always a highlight of our week and keeps us grounded in respecting the power of music and what God does with a melody and lyrics. Seeing the joy it brings encourages me as I work with artists at CIAM. I pray all musicians get the opportunity to see the
mountains God is moving. Erin and I are so blessed to be a part of the Friendship group and see God’s love at work.

I always feel like I can share more, and those who know me know I love to talk. So always feel free to reach out with a hand of friendship and/or curiosity. Your interest in our mission is a great encouragement to us both.

With love from Him through me to you,