2021 in review: Victory FM

Greetings from Victory FM in Prince Albert, SK!

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I believe God is using Victory FM to create a ground swell of collaborative faith here in Prince Albert. Praise God for the unified efforts of churches and believers who minister to the homeless. Pray that the words and music will speak to those who listen. God has a way of weaving a powerful message through words and songs in spite of weakness. His presence in the studio sometimes is palpable.

Steve Thiessen, Mark Sorell

This year we were part of the parade in Christopher Lake in August. I was amazed at the numbers of people crowding along that road. Christine and John were on foot saying hello, and I stood in the back of the truck with the mic. The enduring memory from that short parade route were the many families waving at us like we were their long-lost friends! It encouraged me so much! Sitting behind the mic in the studio before dawn, I sometimes wonder if anyone is listening, or if what I do matters in God’s Kingdom. God gave me a glimpse that day of many who celebrate the important ministry God has given us! 

Pray for the homeless who gather in front of the studio. One of them, Bruce, told me that seven years ago someone worked black magic on him, messing with his mind, and he hasn’t been the same since. At first he said, “I need therapy” then, “no I need a pastor.” I prayed deliverance over him and hope to see him again. We partner with Reaching Out in downtown Prince Albert to feed, provide warm clothes and share the Gospel with a growing number of homeless. PA Now, a local online newspaper, will be joining us to take photos and interviews.

-Mark Sorell

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