Sneak Peek into Mentorship 1&1

About 1&1 Mentorship Coming soon to CIAM is a new chapter in connecting with listeners. There are a great many listeners that would reach out if only they knew there was someone willing to listen and care for them, to walk alongside them in the journey of life for a time while in need. CIAM […]

Hard-Pressed Yet not Crushed

Michael has been part of CIAM since its start over 20 years ago. He provides servant leadership for CIAM Media together with an amazingly talented and dedicated group of people, who have a common vision and goal to reach out with the Good News here at home and around the world. Please join Michael and […]
Sandstrom family

Therefore We Do Not Lose Heart

A Brief Update from Michael & Man: The Battle Belongs to the Lord Both Man and I have experienced and overcome several health challenges. We are so grateful that Man is in remission from her cancer. Michael’s is recovering from pulmonary embolism (which was a close call), hernia surgery and retina tears. Therefore we do […]

Please Pray For the CIAM Mission Team

We are very thankful for the CIAM Mission team members who have been working very hard to develop the new, fully interactive, CIAM broadcast platform and community, The CHOICE. It has been a challenging yet rewarding journey exploring new technology, backend programming, web development and design. We are prayerfully and expectantly looking forward to the […]
Sunrise tower

Expanding the Reach of the Gospel Through Media & Broadcasting

Michael & Man: Sending the Good News Further Out, Physically and Digitally It has been a very fulfilling year yet not without challenges for all of us. It is clear as we serve the Lord that the spiritual battle getting more intense. We do experience first hand the warfare, but also the rewards of seeing […]