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Digital Discipleship

Digital Discipleship for the Local Church

"I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved."

Right now, millions of people are searching the Internet to find hope in the darkness. They need a safe place to talk about their struggles or spiritual questions, but most don’t feel comfortable stepping through church doors right away. That’s why we’re helping churches open up a digital doorway to build relationships with people who don’t yet know Jesus, the door of salvation.

Many Christians find it challenging to share the Gospel. They have the heart, but need to grow in skill and confidence. This digital form of discipleship provides them that opportunity.

Every month, struggling individuals from all walks of life send in messages through our broadcast websites, asking to journey with an online mentor. The Internet allows them to remain anonymous, so it’s not uncommon for people to reveal their most painful issue in their very first message to us. This often leads straight into vulnerable and honest spiritual conversations. It can take years to achieve this level of depth in face-to-face relationships with people who do not yet follow Jesus.

This presents a unique and wonderful opportunity! Trained mentors listen compassionately and prayerfully bridge the conversation to the individual’s need for Christ. Many of our mentors lead someone to Christ for the very first time through this ministry. Imagine your church engaging with people in their struggles, pointing the way to Jesus, and helping them find a church to call home!

“I am learning that I only need to be willing, knowing that it is Jesus who is interceding with me for the mentees.”
Man Sandstrom
“This is a great way to pour into these young women the same way others have done for me. I look forward to seeing how God will use this platform to reach the lost, hurting, and broken.”
Melissa Mark
“This Christian online platform is designed to help mentors navigate and respond to different issues from mentees from all over. It’s been a learning journey for me as well as I walk alongside others on their faith journey.”
Melissa Rawlin
Mentor Coach

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