The CIAM Media community prioritizes opportunities for meaningful connection. Through our web-streaming platform, The Choice, we offer so much more than just uplifting music – we’ve created space for discussion groups, called CIRCLES, and 1&1 mentorship.

Become a 1&1 Mentor

Someone that listens and cares

By signing up to become a mentor with CIAM Media, you’ll have opportunities to share the love of Jesus with those who are in a rough spot, facing challenges, or just need to talk to someone that listens and cares.

To be a mentor you don’t need to be an expert. All you need is a have passion for people,  and a desire to share the hope and healing that a personal relationship can give through Jesus Christ. When you sign up, you’ll have access to CIAM’s mentor training program and on-going support and accountability from a team of trained mentors.

Want to know more about how you can get involved and serve the Lord in this meaningful way with CIAM? Click ‘I’m Interested’


Dig Deeper, Build Strong Relationships

As a CIRCLE host you’ll have the opportunity to initiate outreach, start conversations, and connect with your community. From conversations with your listeners as an Artist, Speaker or Storyteller to leading passionate apologetic discussions as a youth leader or Bible teacher – CIRCLES open doors for you to lead, connect, and build relationships with others.

CIRCLES can be a one-time event, or regularly scheduled meetings that build upon each other – as a host, its your choice!

Hosting CIRCLE allows you to engage and connect, dig deeper in the Word, ask the hard questions, share your thoughts, but also listen and learn from others, and build strong relationships both in the Lord and with one another. 

"Hosting a weekly CIRCLE has been the perfect way to bring young women in my area together. Rich discussions about purpose, mission, and tough Biblical topics have been the highlight of my week!"

- Jenna, Youth Pastor at Trinity Church, Winnipeg

"Through The Choice app, I was able to find a mentor who talked through my questions about God that I wasn't comfortable asking my pastor. I've gotten great book recommendations too!

- Zack, student in Edmonton, AB