Kassidy Foung

Kassidy Foung

Kassidy is involved with music evaluation and working to grow the My Story branch of CIAM’s new online broadcast platform, The CHOICE.

Kassidy’s 2021 faith journey

This year I have mostly been involved with music evaluation and working to grow the My Story platform. It’s been a blessing this year to be able to train so many people who have helped with the music evaluation and it’s super exciting that we are almost finished with most of the older songs! 

Another blessing is being able to hear and help people share their stories with the My Story platform. This platform is truly remarkable because not only does it allow for individuals to share their life stories with others who may relate, but it also allows people who aren’t yet ready to share their stories, to contribute. Many people have lent their voices to the written stories of others so that everyone may hear them through the platform. Regardless of age, gender, race, or life experience, anyone can participate and contribute.

The range of stories we have so far is fantastic, there’s almost something for everyone… but there are still so many stories to be told, so it would be amazing if we were able to have more people write, record and share their stories. The pandemic has made this more difficult than expected, but by God’s grace we’ve still been able to progress. I ask that you pray for more people willing to come and contribute, and if you yourself would like to be involved, please reach out to me!

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