The CHOICE.FM: a new broadcast experience

Would you like a hard scoop of ice cream?

Waffle cone, or regular?

the choice ice cream

On a hot summer Sunday afternoon, there’s nothing like a stop at the local hard scoop ice cream shop. I was in line with a friend alongside impatient dads, chattering moms and frivolously active youngsters, jumping and bumping about as they wait. Certainly designed to keep patrons from cooling off, the absence of shade makes it more enticing to order three scoops; or, at least two.

My friend chose two scoops of Chocolate Chunk Cookie on a waffle cone, and I got one scoop of Vanilla, and one scoop of mint on a waffle cone for me. Delighted, with smiles on our faces, we find a picnic table in the shade to enjoy our ice cream. The setting is perfect for talking about how blessed we feel for life’s freedoms in Christ amidst the chaos of the confusing new real world, changed by COVID-19.

This is a picture of what we envision The Choice to be.

Or, at least part of it with much more to come. Visitors may come for the ice cream, but the ice cream is served to provide a space for conversations around what really matters for everyday people. People are looking for a deeper connection with what is really real, not a virtual or augmented reality, not a metaverse or meta anything (what does virtual ice cream taste like?).

We envision relationship building. Relationships that point to truth, foundational truth, established by the Logos, Jesus; the Word of truth. We are engaging with speakers, musicians and artists, counsellors and mentors; people who want to share, pray, tell, sing the message of the Truth. People in today’s world need to know they have a choice – a Choice not offered by the world – a Choice to know the Truth… and the Truth will set you free. 

If you want to come alongside the work that is happening at The Choice, you are most welcome! It’s a work in serving others that can be expressed in so many flavours. Praying, giving, mentoring, voicing, recording, videoing, editing, producing, beta testing, and words of encouragement are all needed for The Choice to come into existence. What flavour(s) will you choose?

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