2021 in review: Share Radio FM

Greetings from Share Radio!

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Greetings from Share Radio – another challenging Covid year has gone by, making it difficult to get together in person. However we’re very thankful for CIAM’s assistance with setting up zoom meetings. Our own community has not gone untouched by the pandemic. Some have lost their battle with the disease, and many more have been very sick and are still battling for their life. Please pray for their families.

We’re in the final stages of our full power upgrade, waiting for CRTC and government approval. We are so thankful for Michael, Walter, and the engineer who graciously did all the groundwork for us. It’s a huge project, and we could never have completed it without all the expert help. Pray that this process will be timely and smooth, we expect it to take 3 to 6 months. Pray also that this will give the added signal we are hoping for, to get Share Radio into more homes. We pray for God’s blessing on these projects giving strength, encouragement, and joy to the teams that so faithfully work to get His message out.

Thank you to our faithful board members and those who continue to generously support our station with their time, prayers, and finances. As we seek to move ahead with programming, pray for our board and for more volunteers with God’s heart, ready to use their gifts for radio outreach.

We don’t have to look far for God’s blessings all around us. Rick and Heather praise God for their grandchildren. Each one is a gift from the Lord, since for many years they feared they weren’t going to have any.

Thank you to our listeners. Thank God for his Word and outreach into our community. May God bless each of you according to his great love and mercy.

The Share Radio team,
– Rick, Frank, John, Heather, Michel, Dick, and Darcy

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