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Greetings from Gohnee Nazoo!

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Greetings everyone. The 20th anniversary of CIAM radio? Wow!! I didn’t realize that it’s been that long. I was there 20 years ago, living in Fort Vermilion when I listened to CIAM radio broadcasting on the first day! Congratulations to all of you that have since worked so hard to make CIAM radio what it now is. And also, of course, thanks be to God!

January of 2023 will be our first anniversary of broadcasting and the Lord has been very good to us. This past year was busy for some of us, more so for Walter and Aileen Pope, who made a huge move here from Saskatchewan. Thank you Lord for sending them our way! 

Last year, after we found out that the brand new transmitter wasn’t working properly, Walter got a temporary fix for it until they were moved and settled here. Then, thankfully, he repaired it so that we were finally able to broadcast at our licenced power of 50 watts. Thank you Walter!

Because places to gather for worship on Sundays were difficult to come by in our community, Walter and Aileen generously opened their home for Sunday gatherings. Thank you Walter and Aileen for opening up your home to the Church-homeless in Fort Liard (if I can put it that way).

Finally, Walter worked on transferring the whole Gospel of John in the Dene South Slavey language from CD for broadcast on the air. So now Elders and those that have some understanding can hear the Word in their own language.

We continue to receive a lot of positive feedback from the community about the radio station. We hope and pray that the Lord will continue to open the hearts and minds of individuals here so that they too will be able to experience “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding…”

We thank the Lord for all He has done in our community this past year, and in our own hearts also, as His Word goes forth into the air waves.

 –Guy Morin

Listen online HERE or tune in to 95.1 FM in the Fort Liard area!

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