Hope for the Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute

Prayers for Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute

Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute
Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute

As a ministry of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission (NCEM) since 1973, the Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute, or KBI, (located at Lac La Biche, Alberta) served to train First Nations Christians for life and leadership. Unfortunately, KBI closed its doors in 2013 due to a staff shortage, according to the notice on the Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute website.

Raymond Sparklingeyes, a Cree elder of Goodfish Lake, AB is seeking to re-open KBI to continue the important ministry work they did there for many years.

Raymond Sparklingeyes, Cree Elder, Bible Teacher
Raymond Sparklingeyes

The land, the building, the labour was done by God’s people. So that’s one prayer request, to have Christians stand behind us in prayer.

Raymond Sparklingeyes

After meeting with the leadership teams to consider reopening KBI, the journey to reopen the school continues to move forward.

Raymond and the KBI leadership continue to covet your prayers and support. For more information, get in touch with Joe Kuraitis at +1 (780)-689-2011 with any questions, or you can find KBI’s last newsletter here.

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