Making of: The CHOICE x Artists

The CHOICE x Artists

TheCHOICE.FM is going to be a new community-driven broadcast experience where listeners can be refreshed, inspired, and encouraged in any situation through music, word and conversation. One of the main ways we achieve this is through our Artists, by connecting them with listeners like you! On The CHOICE, content creators and users alike will have the unique opportunity to engage with each other in a more open and authentic sense.

In early April, CIAM Media partnered with a few local artists to film a short video collaboration for The CHOICE. Macalan, who is responsible for being the liaison between CIAM and the artists, reflects on how God was moving and working behind the scenes and throughout the eventful weekend.

Behind the Scenes

What an amazing weekend it was! All Praise be to God our Father.

The CIAM Media team made plans for the first week of April, but what was supposed to be a two-day shoot and fireside chat with a few local artists turned into so much more. God had other plans in the works and it was a blessing to get to see him at work. My role mainly was in artist care and communication, and I was so happy to get to meet and share with four amazing artists who have a passion for our Lord:

The process of finding artists and actors to join us was not without some difficulties. I found that trying to communicate our vision and purpose for the weekend over a few emails or short phone calls to be difficult. Thankfully as God is so faithful to us, we were able to gather a group of amazing people to create a truly inspiring experience.

God was able to create and foster relationships that will stretch out further than I could have ever hoped. While I was searching and even scrambling at times to find participants, God gave me what I like to call a wisdom nugget. I should pray that God gives us all that we would need, and trust that whatever God gives us, is all that we would need. As people began to confirm attendance and participation, God’s faithfulness was shown to me, and I am so thankful for the brothers and sisters in Christ I have found friends in. 

There were a couple times at lunch or in between shots where the Artists were all together, so I took the opportunity to join in conversation with them. We were standing at the front of the beautiful chapel in Tyndale Seminary, and we began to chat about the purpose of art in the name of Jesus.

We talked about the process of creating art, and where Jesus lives in that process. We shared insecurities about our art, and encouraged one another in the name of Jesus. Asking questions like, “Why do we create art?” “What do we want to have happen with the art we share?” “Who are we trying to reach, and what do we want to reach us?” and other questions like that. All of these conversations were fantastic and I gained a tremendous perspective that is invaluable. It was a true blessing to me.

Afterwards, one of the actors, Kang, approached me and asked if she could invite her four children to come spend some time with me. I was slightly taken aback, unsure why she would want her children to speak with me. She then told me that it was on her heart to have her children meet me to show them that the fight for the spreading of the Gospel is ongoing and alive, since the kids have few opportunities to see what God is doing in our world. It was a humbling, impactful experience to be a witness of Christ in a setting in which I didn’t expect to be.

Overall I would say that this weekend showed me the importance of community, and having Christ present in that community. God is the ultimate leader that we all need to follow. If we have him guiding us in our relationships, they will be relationships that honour God. Those relationships are so very important to foster as they are one of the truest witnesses of Christ here on earth. 

In my role here at CIAM these conversations and encouragement are of my top most priorities. Artists of all kinds, from all walks of life, can benefit greatly from the community God is fostering to us. To have an opportunity to peek at the tip of the iceberg that is the kingdom of God is an outstanding experience, and one I hope to replicate with other artists.

Macalan Boniec-Jedras

Here we come!

As The CHOICE prepares for its highly anticipated launch, look out for our video collaboration with Jamie, Claire, Sneha and Leif, and of course, don’t forget to check them out on The CHOICE!

Behind the scenes with artists
From left to right: Claire Odogbo, Jamie Hiscox, Macalan Boniec-Jedras, Leif Strand, Sneha Reddy

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