October 2023 Update: Share Radio

An Update from Heather Miller

Good morning,

We’ve been waiting for our high power upgrade to take place in July but it’s been postponed again. It feels like we have kind of a lot going on with that. We’ll have to do fencing and signage, and we’re hoping that it all works out well.

New Frequency

We have to change our frequency with the higher power so we pray that the transition will go smoothly, and that people will tune in to the new frequency, 94.5. We pray that the higher power also will reach more people by getting into more houses, and that it will help the Fairview people a little bit more. If Fairview doesn’t get better reception, then we may need to look at a direction for covering Fairview, which would be a matter of prayer as well. Unless the Lord builds a house, we labour in vain, but when he’s building a house, we should be labouring. Thank God for His faithfulness!

Heather Miller

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