Sizi Sk’entsi: Love in the Carrier Language

Sizi Sk’entsi airs Mondays at 8 pm MDT on CIAM The LIGHT 98.5 out of Vanderhoof, BC.

Sizi Sk’entsi means Jesus loves you in the Carrier Language!

For the past five years, we have been offering Sizi Sk’entsi to the Carrier people in the Vanderhoof region. Every other week Dick Walker does a Bible study partly in English and partly in Southern Carrier and partly in English along with a song in Carrier.

On alternate weeks, we feature Pastor Larry Keegstra preaching in English along with a reading in Central Carrier by Ray Prince. 

Pastor Larry shares a humbling experience after a thankful listener called in:

It just hit him right where he was and was a great encouragement for him. God spoke to him about the need to trust and draw closer to the Lord each day.

Whether you speak Carrier or not, you will be refreshed, challenged and encouraged!

To learn more, tune in to CIAM The Light 98.5 FM.

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