Victory FM: We covet prayers for our city

Victory FM 100.1 and 107.1

We covet prayers for our city and Victory FM as we continue to broadcast on 100.1 and 107.1 FM.

We had a successful information supper immediately before the lockdown but since then the COVID-19 restrictions have reduced the amount of visiting and promotional activity. Various churches were able to contribute to a Good Friday and Easter Sunday broadcast, which were live hosted.

We need to find a new site for the 100.1 tower and would value your prayers for this. The area around the Victory FM studio has been less busy than expected because the new university campus did not open fully.

We thank God that we have started a morning show with a live host on two days a week. We have made improvements to the Victory FM website and appreciate the listener response to our Facebook page. Check it out!

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers as we Greetings to all of our supporters and listen- continue to share the Good News.

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