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Greetings from Share Radio

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Greetings, grace, and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ and Share Radio. Thank you for another year of faithful support.

This 20th anniversary for CIAM marks 15 years since the forming of Share Radio and our journey together. We’ve shared many ups and downs, victories and setbacks, old members and new, and members called home to be with Jesus. Thank God for His faithfulness for he is faithful even when we are not.

Praise God for feedback we’ve received that people are listening. We trust His Word shall not return void. I ask for prayer that CIAM and Christian radio will meet needs in people’s lives where they are at, just as it has done in mine.

Praise God that the Share Radio application for our full power upgrade has been successful. We thank the CIAM team for all the work they’ve put into it. Also pray that the increased power will reach many more listeners in homes and vehicles.

Praise God for our faithful listeners’ giving, and that we have the funds necessary to complete the upgrade. Now please pray for the safety of the climbers as they install new antennas on the tower and for God’s guidance for the technical work in the conversion process. We are ever so thankful for the faithful effort behind the scenes that keep everything working smoothly and get us back on air when glitches happen.

Thank God for our local team’s faithfulness and pray for guidance as we move forward in the year ahead.

-Rick Miller for the team at Share Radio in Hines Creek, Fairview and Cleardale

Listen online HERE or tune in on your radio to 94.7 FM in Cleardale or 91.5 FM in Hines Creek!

**Please note that the frequency for Hines Creek will change to 94.5. Stay tuned!**

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