4 New Programs to Get Excited About

We are delighted to announce four new programs that have been added to the CIAM Broadcast!

Check out the new programs below.

Indigenous Faith

Airs Sundays @ 8 PM MST

Helping Indigenous followers of Jesus Christ live biblically healthy lives in the context of their cultures. 

Listen to the Indigenous Faith Podcast with Craig Stephen Smith and LaDonna Smith. Learn what Indigenous Faith looks like, and how to live lives that are in line with the Good News.

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Wretched Radio

Airs Mon-Sat @ 3 AM

Preach the Gospel. Equip the saints. Strengthen the Church.

Wretched TV and Radio are hosted by Todd Friel. On the show you will see and hear live witnessing encounters, discussions of tough theological issues, and various topics in the Christian community.

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Pure Victory

Airs Saturdays @ Midnight

Faith-based inspiration to win at sex, conquer porn, and find purpose in staying free forever.

God’s design for sex is meant to be incredible, powerful, and fulfilling. Sex has been distorted in our world today and we’re seeing the consequences. Now, we’re taking a stand to restore healthy sexuality.

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Truth in my Days

Airs Sun-Fri @ 1 PM

The quintessence of our ministry is to defend the Bible against all attacks; to show its trustworthiness; to draw attention to the importance of doctrine; to teach sound doctrine, based on the Bible; to expose all teachings and traditions, no matter how revered, that are not in accordance with the Bible.

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