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About Craig and LaDonna

Craig and LaDonna Smith, Tribal Rescue Ministries
LaDonna and Craig Smith, Tribal Rescue Ministries

Craig and LaDonna Smith are the founders of the evangelistic organization Tribal Rescue Ministries, and their newest podcast, Indigenous Faith. They are Christian ministers from the Ojibwe and Navajo tribes. In their over 45 years of ministering together, their ministry focus has always been the proclamation of God’s Word while seeking to live God honoring lives.

Craig Smith is licensed as a Christian and Missionary Alliance National Evangelist and serves as president of Tribal Rescue Ministries. LaDonna joins Craig in their music and teaching ministries, and in their equipping of many next-generation spiritual rescuers.

TRM’s Mission Mandate:
Reaching the lost in our tribes and helping everyday believers become everyday spiritual rescuers in their tribes.

This mission explains clearly their passion to be light in a dark world, and help equip others to be a light in the places God has sovereignly placed them in.

Indigenous Faith

Craig Smith Tribal Rescue Indigenous Faith
Craig Smith live on Indigenous Faith

How does an Indigenous person define the boundary lines in which to live out their faith in Christ in the context of their unique cultures?

What are those boundary lines, and who or what should define them for an Indigenous Christian?

Should each culture have its say in the proper interpretation of Scripture, or, are the Scriptures alone sufficient to speak to every human culture with transcendent truth?

Author Craig Stephen Smith seeks to answer these important questions in his biblical teaching series entitled, Indigenous Faith. This dives into how to “live a biblically healthy life in the context of an indigenous culture…”

This series is available in various formats, including his new book, a six-part video teaching series that can be utilized in small group settings, and a six-part Audio CD series. Plus, their new Indigenous Faith podcast released in May, 2021 and can be found below and on Spotify:

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