Content Creators: Sharing Your Heart

Why Become a Content Creator?

As a child I was told that sharing is caring – but I’m sure that everybody has either heard this, or said this to someone at some point. It often gets glossed over as a truth that we take for granted, or we fail to see its importance. I’m so thankful that in the world of content creation, this old saying is always respected and cherished as it should be in our everyday life. God shared his word with us, He shared his love with us, and He shared His son Jesus with us. All of this because He cares for his children here on earth.

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The Choice is a space where we provide a platform for sharing and receiving Jesus. Musicians, podcasters, and all content creators will have an opportunity to minister to people, and make a real difference in their lives.

It is my belief that Content Creators create to change lives for Jesus. We know that Artists and Speakers share their heart with the content that they produce. There are speakers that share the gospel by preaching the spoken word, and musicians that share their relationship with God for all to see. This intimate depth of honesty is where God can work miracles and transform lives toward Jesus.

We see a need to care for and partner with our Content Creators to ensure that those who want to share/hear about Jesus, can actually do so. We want to provide as many opportunities as we can to not only share your art but also the story behind the art. It is a mission of ours to lift up those who lift up Jesus so that the whole world can see His light.

The Choice will bring things to a whole new level as it will provide invaluable analytics for Content Creators so they can see exactly who they are reaching and connect in a more intimate way. Through 1 & 1, and Circle groups within The Choice, Artists, Speakers and Storytellers will have the unique opportunity to see the fruits of their ministry. They can follow from beginning to end, the journey of those who have been impacted by their song, story, or podcast.

It is my belief that content creators create to change lives for Jesus. To this end, The Choice, and CIAM as a whole wants to amplify their reach, and encourage all involved that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life everlasting.         

Why music? Why songwriting? Because nothing can perform soul surgery quite like a song can. And no one can heal a heart quite like Jesus can.

Erik Nieder (musician)

By Macalan Boniec-Jedras, Content Creator Lead

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