Fountain 100.9: Osler & Warman crave the Good News

Fountain 100.9FM logo

Fountain FM 100.9 is becoming the most sought after station

Is it good news when we meet local people and ask if they are familiar with the Local Radio station? Yes, many say, “I listen whenever I can.”

Some say I am so thankful for the quality of the programs, which never are the same from day to day. One gentleman was looking for a Christian FM station that had other content than only music, upon which he was informed that there is a 24/7 Christian station locally that has both teaching of the Word and music so tune into Fountain FM 100.9! That is exciting when the word gets around Fountain FM 100.9 is on your radio!

The pandemic has stopped Fountain FM from having our grand opening celebration and supper. We hope to have that event in the near future if possible. We are grateful to the listeners that send in donations to help with the local costs, so we hope that we can have a few supper events and outreach program, when the restrictions will be lifted. We are thankful to Abe and Frieda Teichroeb for the tower site and supplying the electricity that is needed. We are glad to be able to send out the Good News to the Warman and Osler areas.

The signal at times goes much further than we would expect. Thank you friends for your interest and support of FOUNTAIN FM 100.9. May the results honour and Glorify the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords!

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