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Phil Peters

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Phil first joined the CIAM family as a volunteer, bringing in music and content. Now as a full-time missionary, he is responsible for technical development of significant future media developments.

Phil and Rhonda’s faith journey

Phil and Rhonda Peters

More than 25 years ago a very special commitment was made between myself, my future wife Rhonda and God. The commitment was a response to our Lord Jesus redeeming us to himself. Our life was not given to us to be spent on the pursuit of earthly possessions, wealth, power or fame. We made a commitment to be in God’s service wherever He would take us.

Even though we thought at the time it would take us to the utter ends of the earth from our perspective, God’s plans were different than ours. He showed us His plan to reveal more of Himself to us and to thousands of people right around our childhood home in Northern Alberta, the birthplace of CIAM Radio.

So began the amazing and wonderful journey of serving at CIAM Media, first as a volunteer bringing in music and content and growing in responsibilities leading to technical development of significant future media developments. Rhonda and I are passionate about being disciples and making disciples in our community, in our work places and around the world online.

Please pray for us that we might discern how to live by faith and introduce Jesus to those around us who express many peripheral needs. Financial support makes it possible for us to serve in the capacity we do and we appreciate your heartfelt support in every way.