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Ben’s role at CIAM Media involves writing, editing and filming short documentaries, interviews, and visual stories that tell and share the purpose of CIAM.

Ben’s faith journey: Serving the Lord with CIAM Media

For the past two years I have served with CIAM Media as a part time missionary remotely based in the Ottawa area, using my gifts to serve the mission’s range and highlight the importance of broadcast missions in various media platforms through my gifts as a filmmaker.

I grew up within the church, becoming a Christian around the age of 6, and from there, started my journey developing my relationship with Christ. After I got baptized my focus shifted to searching for a Bible College to attend after high school, and Prairie Bible College is the one that the Lord called me to. Through their digital media program I learned and honed the skills needed to create meaningful stories through the mediums of Photography and Film.

After leaving Prairie, I got connected with CIAM Media and joined them to promote Christian missions media and spread content that glorifies Christ to the ends of the earth. CIAM currently has broadcast platforms that reach multiple people groups that span across Canada and around the world. CIAM has a strong focus on community based broadcasting, especially in an Indigenous context, see for more.

In my role as a missionary, I create content to support CIAM’s vision to bring Good News to Canada and around the world. The shift in our current culture makes a demand for watchable media that can be shared with a broader audience. It is important to explain what missionaries do, their stories, and the tools they use to share the Gospel so that others can hear and come to know
the Lord.

My work as a media missionary looks different every day. Depending on the size of the project, I can spend a few days to a few weeks just on pre production. That entails script writing, storyboarding, getting in contact with speakers, musicians, and other missionaries to capture their story. At times it can be scouting film locations, actors, musicians, and crew available to come alongside CIAM and create media that has a deeper purpose. In addition, it involves travelling to locations, filming and directing, capturing the real moments that need to be shared. After this, you can find me spending much time editing and producing the video content, making relevant, impactful and inspiring media for the glory of God!

Watch one of them here:

I am presently raising my support to serve as a fulltime media missionary with CIAM Media. I would like to invite you to prayerfully consider coming alongside to support me in prayer and finances as the Lord leads.

Feel free to contact me personally ([email protected] or CIAM Media ([email protected]) for more information.

Wishing you many blessings,

Ben Thompson

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