Mark Baer: On Christ the Solid Rock We Stand

Submitted by Mark Baer.

This year has been filled with intense and unexpected challenges. Covid has affected all of us, the devastating flooding of CIAM’s broadcast and community centre in Fort Vermilion, accidents and sudden severe health issues have hit hard, one after another. Yet, it has brought us to pray more fervently. Romans 8:35 says, Who can separate us from the love of Christ? Trouble or hardship… No, nothing can! In the midst of these challenges, it has been encouraging to see how people have worked together to help and support one another in Jesus’ name. One of our faithful volunteers Mark Baer’s reflection captures this well.

The year started with a flood, a real flood, the Peace River came higher than ever for the last 100 years. 

I was at the CIAM station in Fort Vermilion and had finished the Rise & Shine morning broadcast, when I saw that the water level had risen to the road where the station is located. It’s been this high before, so I went home for breakfast. When I came back the water was up to the building, and we were not allowed in for safety reasons. When the flood had peaked, we had water up to table tops, but my open Bible on top of the desk in the main broadcast room was completely dry, untouched by the water. Praise God! I want to thank God for all the help sent in to clean out the mess and mess it was. Mud and more mud shovels and pails. Not just here at the station but all around town. People came from all around helping whom they never met before.

A beautiful sight to see. What Love looked like here was muddy boots, dirty coveralls and dirty hands. All working together because we Love Jesus and have concern for fellow man, reaching out to one another with the love of Christ. Here at the station all you saw when you walked in was bare stud walls. I got a good raise, ten feet, as we had to move the on air broadcast up stairs. Thanks to many people we were back on air soon after we were allowed in. Thank God for the many faithful prayer partners and the generous giving from listeners like you, who believe in the work of the Lord. The CIAM broadcast ministry is here because God has it here. He works in the hearts and lives of people to keep it here. It will stay here as long as He allows. It is not dependent on what we do; it is wholly dependent on what God does. Praise God for allowing to work through you to make this ministry possible. May God richly bless you. I love you all.

Mark Baer portrait

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