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Our Heart for Jesus - Don Tiedemann

A Special Message from Don Tiedemann (Mountain Man)

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Our Heart for Jesus

Hi this is Don Tiedemann, better known as the Mountain Man on CIAM.

I started the Classic Gospel the Rock program at noon on Saturdays (MST) because there was a lot of good Christian music that was playing when Christians got saved in the 70s, 80s, and 90s… but these days no one was playing it. I had to get it out again on as many stations as I could. Some people think their preference of music is all CIAM should play, but we are here for all people, Christian or not, even the rockers.

A lot of local artists that use music as a tool to share the Gospel never get played on the Radio.

I have recorded many bands at a practice or while they were ministering, and if it meets a quality I think is good enough, I will play it, if I know their heart is for God.

I play quite a variety from blue grass, to rock, country, and instrumental, like fiddle and accordion. Wild Cat reads a poem each day.

We want people to learn how important Jesus is in a person’s life – we do this because people need to hear it.

What we do for CIAM is at our own expense, like making a float to put in parades and going to trade shows to let people know about CIAM. This is what God has us doing.

Hope to see you in our travels, let us know if we can be of service in your community.

About Don’s Shows

The Morning Light Show with the Mountain Man – Music to get you started for the day! We’ll take your email requests and share a poem, and less you with a taste of some Blue Grass, Flash Backs to the 80’s and Old Time Fiddle Music!

Airs Mon to Fri on select stations at 6:30am MST on CIAM.

Classic Gospel the Rock – Music from the Heart that hits the target!

Airs every Saturday at noon MST on select stations on CIAM.

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